Fei Protocol
Fei Guardian
The guardian to halt Fei Protocol functionality in a crisis🛡
The Fei Guardian is the single address to be granted the Guardian🛡role at Genesis. Initially held by the Fei Core Team in a multi-sig, with the intention of eventually renouncing the role or transitioning to a community held multi-sig.
The rationale for a Guardian is that there could be issues in the protocol which are time sensitive. The minimum 3 day window between a proposal and execution for a fix coming through the Fei DAO could be too long. For instance, if there is a bug in the bonding curve where an attacker can systematically make a profit, this functionality should be shut down as quickly as possible. The Guardian would step in and revoke the Minter💰role from the Bonding Curve contract.
The Guardian can only revoke or pause functionality, with the additional ability to force a reweight.
The Governor⚖️ can revoke the Guardian🛡ability at any time


  • revoke any role from any contract, except Governor⚖️
  • pause and unpause contracts
  • force a reweight
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