Fei Protocol
Fei Improvement Proposals (FIPs)
Description and process for improving Fei Protocol
FIPs are the main process by which the community of TRIBE holders can make changes to Fei Protocol.
Proposals move through the following stages:
  • Draft - an FIP that is open for consideration and is undergoing rapid iteration and changes. It should have an open forum discussion on tribe.fei.money
  • Last Call - an FIP that is done with its initial iteration and fully specified. At this point an FIP is assigned a number, discord channel created and ready for snapshot. Snapshot should begin after at least 2 days of an FIP being in Last Call
  • Accepted - an FIP that has passed snapshot with 10M quorum and been fully resourced. At this point development should begin if it hasn't already.
  • Final - an FIP that has been proposed on chain and succeeded
  • Failed - an FIP that has failed a snapshot or on-chain vote
Once a proposal reaches Final or Failed, any related threads and channels will be archived.

Tribe Forum

Add your FIP draft to proposals using the following format:
Summary: A simple description of the proposal's end result and desired change; should be no more than a few succinct sentences.
Abstract: Clearly describe how the proposal wishes to change/improve the protocol.
Motivation: Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the protocol.
Specification: A detailed description of parameters, implementation steps, any requested resources from the DAO, and a clear development plan


Once a proposal reaches Last Call stage and has been there for at least 2 days, a proposal can be sent for a Snapshot Vote. Snapshot votes are non-binding and should have clear propositions. Quorum to move to Approved status is 10M TRIBE. Including options for "no" and "more discussions" is recommended.

On-Chain Proposals

To make an on-chain proposal you require at least 2.5M delegated TRIBE. Proposals need to be developed and reviewed by the Fei Core smart contracts team before being put up for vote. The process is detailed in this README
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