The TRIBE governance token for Fei DAO

The TRIBE governance token is collectively responsible for managing the Fei DAO.


TRIBE's total initial supply is 1 billion. The minting capability is controlled by an appointed minter address (this is different from the Minter💰 role). The minter is originally set to the Fei DAO Timelock.

The code for TRIBE is forked from the Uniswap UNI token. The main difference is that UNI can only inflate 2% per year, whereas TRIBE has uncapped inflation.


The Fei Core team wants TRIBE to have a balanced distribution between Community, Team, and Investors while prioritizing the Community. We embedded both capital favoring and non-capital favoring distribution mechanisms, and emphasize equal opportunity through the Genesis Group.

High-level TRIBE distribution:

  • 40% DAO treasury

  • 20% Initial DEX Offering

  • 13% Fei Core Team

  • 10% Genesis Group

  • 10% Staking Rewards

  • 5% Fei Core Team investors

  • 2% Grants

Medium announcement provides more details regarding the distribution.