TRIBE rewards for liquidity provision

Fei Protocol has a staking pool in which FEI/TRIBE Uniswap LP tokens are deposited and TRIBE is earned over time.

Rewards Distribution

As of FIP-2, the total reward balance is 200,000,000 TRIBE, distributed over 2 years. This represents 20% of the initial TRIBE supply. The rewards distribution rate decreases linearly.

TRIBE distribution function after 1 year

Distribution is gated by the FeiRewardsDistributor. It calculates the amount which should be released at any given time and drips it to FeiStakingRewards weekly.

The drip can be called by any user or contract, the caller is rewarded a 500 FEI incentive for triggering the call.


Fei Protocol staking allows users to earn TRIBE tokens while providing liquidity for TRIBE. This is commonly referred to as a Pool 2 in terms of yield farming.

The rewards are split evenly among all participants at any given time. Staking is completely fluid. Users can deposit liquidity assets (stake), earn TRIBE for a few blocks, claim earned TRIBE, then withdraw staked tokens at will. There are no lockups on staked tokens.

Users are staking FEI/TRIBE Uniswap v2 LP tokens to earn the TRIBE rewards. The Fei DAO can adjust the distribution rate and the staked token if the need arises.

Fei Protocol uses the StakingRewards contract used by Synthetix, Yams, and Set Protocol among others.