Steps for Staking

Steps to participate in Fei Protocol staking

1. Acquire FEI:

To acquire FEI, we recommend using the Fei app:

2. Acquire TRIBE:

To acquire TRIBE, you need to use Uniswap or another secondary market.

Add TRIBE as a token by clicking on “select a token”:

If TRIBE is not an option in the drop down menu, paste in the contract address (0xc7283b66Eb1EB5FB86327f08e1B5816b0720212B) to add TRIBE:

Now you will have the ability to insert the desired amount of TRIBE.

3. Approve FEI and TRIBE on Uniswap:

Once you have 50/50 TRIBE and FEI in value, you can add them as liquidity here. But first, approve Uniswap FEI and TRIBE as they are ERC-20 tokens:

4. Supply FEI and TRIBE in order to receive FEI-TRIBE LP tokens:

After you approve your tokens, you can supply the desired amount:

5. Staking the LP tokens:

Following receipt of FEI-TRIBE LP Tokens, you can supply the tokens on the Fei app staking tab, start by allowing your LP tokens:

Now you can stake your tokens:

6. Claiming rewards:

You can view the status of your staking rewards as well as claim rewards:

  • You can claim rewards at any time, and they will never disappear.

  • We recommend that you consider the cost of gas fees relative to your reward amount when claiming rewards.

    • For smaller investors, the current gas price might be of interest when claiming the reward.

  • The cadence at which to claim is up to you, rewards will not disappear over time.