Fei Protocol
Staking TRIBE-FEI LP Tokens
This guide will help you to stake your FEI and TRIBE in the FEI-TRIBE Uni-V2 pool.
Step 1: Supply FEI and TRIBE on Uniswap v2 in order to receive FEI-TRIBE LP tokens
After you approved your tokens, you can supply the desired amount and receive Uni-V2 tokens in return:
Step 2: Approving your FEI-TRIBE LP
You will have to approve the swapped FEI-TRIBE LP on app.fei.money
Step 3: Stake your TRIBE-FEI LP tokens in the V2 staking contracts
Now that you have the TRIBE-FEI LP tokens in your wallet, go to the V2 staking page to stake them. Click on the TRIBE-FEI LP staking pool and connect your wallet. The V2 staking page should look something like this:
Enter the amount of TRIBE-FEI LP tokens you would like to stake, press the "Stake" button and then follow the instructions on your connected wallet.
Once the transaction goes through, you will have successfully staked your LP tokens in V2 staking!
After staking you can view your staked amount and rewards. The page should look like this:
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